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Boss Monster [Wind]

NameSpawn at
Lv 20Forest WolfMarbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Lv 22MinotaurRuined Temple: Forbidden hall
Lv 30Forest WolfMarbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Lv 32MinotaurRuined Temple: Forbidden hall
Lv 33MocheloFiery Volcano: Area 3
Lv 39ForestiaLand Of Chaos
Lv 40Forest WolfMarbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Lv 40AstolAulada Ancient Tower
Lv 42MinotaurRuined Temple: Forbidden hall
Lv 43MocheloFiery Volcano: Area 3
Lv 49ForestiaLand Of Chaos
Lv 50AstolAulada Ancient Tower
Lv 50Forest WolfMarbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Lv 52MinotaurRuined Temple: Forbidden hall
Lv 53MocheloFiery Volcano: Area 3
Lv 59ForestiaLand Of Chaos
Lv 60AstolAulada Ancient Tower
Lv 63MocheloFiery Volcano: Area 3
Lv 69ForestiaLand Of Chaos
Lv 69Jade RaptorGravel Terrace
Lv 70Forest WolfMarbaro Forest: Deepest Part
Lv 70AstolAulada Ancient Tower
Lv 72MinotaurRuined Temple: Forbidden hall
Lv 79Jade RaptorGravel Terrace
Lv 83MocheloFiery Volcano: Area 3
Lv 88ZolbanMirror of Darkness
Lv 89ForestiaLand Of Chaos
Lv 89Jade RaptorGravel Terrace
Lv 90AstolAulada Ancient Tower
Lv 98ZolbanMirror of Darkness
Lv 99Jade RaptorGravel Terrace
Lv 108ZolbanMirror of Darkness
Lv 118ZolbanMirror of Darkness
Lv 119Jade RaptorGravel Terrace
Lv 123GuignolBrahe Laboratory: 4th Building
Lv 133GuignolBrahe Laboratory: 4th Building
Lv 133Maton SwordBuried Tower: Entrance
Lv 138ZolbanMirror of Darkness
Lv 143GuignolBrahe Laboratory: 4th Building
Lv 143Maton SwordBuried Tower: Entrance
Lv 153GuignolBrahe Laboratory: 4th Building
Lv 153Maton SwordBuried Tower: Entrance
Lv 163Maton SwordBuried Tower: Entrance
Lv 173GuignolBrahe Laboratory: 4th Building
Lv 183Maton SwordBuried Tower: Entrance

Mini Boss Monster [Wind]

NameSpawn at
Lv 70Big MaskHaotas Ravine
Lv 157Lyark Master SpecialistBrahe Laboratory: 2nd Building
Lv 163Wandering WheelUltimea Palace: Demi Machina Storage

Normal Monster [Wind]

NameSpawn at
Lv 1PicoRakau Plains
Lv 11NemicoUnderground Ruins: B1
Lv 11NemicoUnderground Ruins: B2
Lv 11BeakRuined Temple Town
Lv 12BeakRuined Temple Town
Lv 13NemicoUnderground Ruins: B2
Lv 18BeakRuined Temple: Area 1
Lv 18PicoRinom Plains
Lv 19BeakRuined Temple: Area 1
Lv 22PicoMarbaro Forest
Lv 26RutinNisel Mountain: Mountainside
Lv 28RutinNisel Mountain: Near The Top
Lv 30Green JellyZoktzda Ruins : Abnormal Space
Lv 32BeakScaro Town: Area 1
Lv 32Wind RoarZoktzda Ruins : Abnormal Space
Lv 33BeakScaro Town: Area 2
Lv 35SquireLand Of Chaos
Lv 35SquireYorl Highlands
Lv 36RutinLand Of Chaos
Lv 37SalliphantHarde Hill
Lv 38PojoDarkanon Plain
Lv 39PojoDarkanon Plain
Lv 40Floral BeeFigo's Manor
Lv 41Floral BeeFigo's Manor
Lv 42SalliphantHarde Hill
Lv 51PojoLand Under Cultivation: Area 1
Lv 51Flying EggMaia Diela
Lv 53PojoLand Under Cultivation: Area 2
Lv 53OwlLand Under Cultivation: Area 1
Lv 54Flying EggMaia Diela
Lv 54OwlLand Under Cultivation: Area 3
Lv 60FimeraDunkel Valley
Lv 85Ornis Demi MachinaArtillery Defense Line
Lv 91Floral BeeSite of Simcracker
Lv 96KinotePeligro Landfill
Lv 104Tigris MachinaLufenas Mansion: Garden
Lv 105Tigris MachinaLufenas Mansion: Garden
Lv 108Ledon MachinaLarge Demi Machina Factory: Area 1
Lv 109Underground NemicoUltimea Sewer: Southeast
Lv 111Ledon MachinaLarge Demi Machina Factory: Area 3
Lv 111Ledon MachinaLarge Demi Machina Factory: Area 2
Lv 111Underground NemicoUltimea Sewer: Southeast
Lv 117MolemetTolbas GrassLand
Lv 119HealilyTolbas GrassLand
Lv 121SquirreenCuronne Forest: East
Lv 123TylulMt. Mithurna: Entrance
Lv 125TenoblepasMt. Mithurna: Entrance
Lv 126TenoblepasRokoko Plains
Lv 128Wheel MachinaUltimea Palace: Storage Area 2
Lv 130Wheel MachinaUltimea Palace: Demi Machina Storage
Lv 130TenoblepasRokoko Plains