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Mirror of Darkness

[Boss] Zolban(Lv 98)
[Boss] Zolban(Lv 88)
[Boss] Zolban(Lv 108)
[Boss] Zolban(Lv 118)
[Boss] Zolban(Lv 138)
[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter(Lv 74)
[Normal Monster] Heat Pufferfish(Lv 72)
[Normal Monster] Heat Pufferfish(Lv 75)
[Normal Monster] Sunion(Lv 73)
[Normal Monster] Sunion(Lv 76)
[Boss] Zolban[2 Handed Sword] Wind Plunder
[Material] Crest of Dark Captain
[Material] Windblast Gemstone
[Material] Magic Crystal Wing Fragment
[Material] Broken Swordstick
[Weapon Crysta] Zolban
[Katana] Mafu Swordstick
[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter[Usable] Fermented Revita
[Material] Corroded Armor Bit
[Material] Heated Stone
[Material] Shining Lake Water
[Normal Monster] Heat Pufferfish[Usable] Broiled Puffer Fish Meat
[Additional] Sunglasses
[Material] Insulated Skin
[Material] Hot Thorn
[Normal Monster] Sunion[Usable] Scorching Onion
[Arrow] Flame Arrow
[Material] Burning Bulb
[Material] Burning Root