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Saham Crater

[Boss] Demon's Gate[1 Handed Sword] Sword of Sin
[Material] Goddess Sculpture
[Material] Eerie Stone
[Material] Nail of Demon's gate
[Shield] Relief Shield
[Weapon Crysta] Demon's Gate
[Mini Boss] Gigant Knight[1 Handed Sword] Tomahawk
[Armor] Adventurer's Garb
[Material] Hard Stone
[Ore] Damascus Ore
[Normal Crysta] Gigant Knight
[Normal Monster] Flame Roar[Usable] Flame Grass
[Additional] Headband
[Material] Blazing Crystal
[Material] Fairy Feather
[Normal Crysta] ASPD+40
[Normal Monster] Mutan Goblin[Usable] Bitter Medicine
[Bow] Metal Horn Bow
[Material] Dented Iron Plate
[Material] Goblin Claw
[Normal Monster] Orc[Usable] Revita I
[Additional] Needle Helmet
[Material] Cracked Stick
[Material] Broadcloth