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Cradle of Soldier: Inside

[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter(Lv 88)
[Normal Monster] Flying Executioner(Lv 89)
[Normal Monster] Moxiz(Lv 91)
[Normal Monster] Pecora(Lv 90)
[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter[Additional] Forehead Guard
[Material] Grudge of Soldier
[Material] Strong-looking Fist
[Material] Corroded Huge Arm
[Normal Monster] Flying Executioner[Material] Floating Cloth
[Material] Bloody Scarf
[Material] Rusty Huge Axe
[Katana] Sumire Renkyoku
[Normal Monster] Moxiz[Material] Aurora Crystal
[Material] Smooth Stone
[Material] Mysterious Metal Bit
[Special] Moxiz Strap
[Normal Monster] Pecora[Usable] Tough Lamb Meat
[Bow] Grand Horn Bow
[Material] Crystalized Fur
[Material] Transparent Tail
[Normal Crysta] STR+4