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Trace of Dark River

[Mini Boss] Lapin The Necromancer(Lv 124)
[Normal Monster] Bunny Summoner(Lv 79)
[Normal Monster] Corroded Knight(Lv 78)
[Normal Monster] Infested Mushroom(Lv 76)
[Normal Monster] Ogler(Lv 75)
[Mini Boss] Lapin The Necromancer[Additional] Necromancer Hood
[Armor] Adventurer's Garb
[Material] Lapin's Soul
[Material] Soft Paw
[Material] Cracked Skull
[Material] Torn Robe
[Weapon Crysta] Lapin The Necromancer
[Normal Monster] Bunny Summoner[Additional] One-Winged Headband
[Material] Cracked Skull
[Material] Torn Robe
[Material] Soft Paw
[Normal Monster] Corroded Knight[Armor] Adventurer's Garb
[Dagger] Kukri
[Material] Broken Stone of Bridge
[Material] Knight Loincloth
[Material] Cursed Emblem
[Normal Monster] Infested Mushroom[Additional] Forehead Protector
[Material] Black Mushroom Crystal
[Material] Dark Mushroom
[Material] Dried Twig
[Normal Monster] Ogler[Usable] Blueberry
[Additional] Two-Headed Snake Crown
[Material] Small Beast Ear
[Material] Tiny Claw