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Garden of Sublimation: Area 3

[Normal Monster] Aramia(Lv 87)
[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter(Lv 88)
[Normal Monster] Corroded Knight(Lv 86)
[Normal Monster] Kodama(Lv 88)
[Normal Monster] Shiny Roar(Lv 86)
[Normal Monster] Aramia[Material] Small Spider Silk
[Material] Chipped Crystal Stone
[Material] Glossy Skin
[Staff] Devil's Staff
[Normal Monster] Corroded Fighter[1 Handed Sword] Ilwoon
[Material] Corroded Huge Arm
[Material] Huge Vine
[Material] Stone of Sublimation
[Normal Monster] Corroded Knight[Material] Corroded Spear
[Material] Gemstone of Sublimation
[Material] Garden Green Moss
[Halberd] Thunder Spear
[Normal Monster] Kodama[Material] Cute Horn
[Material] Strange Mask
[Material] Charmed Cloth
[Special] Spirit Tree Bangle
[Normal Monster] Shiny Roar[Additional] Headband
[Material] Fairy Feather
[Material] Splendor Crystal
[Material] Glittering Powder
[Normal Crysta] Accuracy+8