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Calle mort

[NPC] Black-Clothed
[NPC] Black-Clothed
[NPC] Elder&Servant
[Normal Monster] Chandler(Lv 67)
[Normal Monster] Ghost Potum(Lv 66)
[Normal Monster] Phobos(Lv 65)
[Normal Monster] Chandler[Material] Inextinguishable Candle
[Material] Broken Glass
[Shield] Shell Buckler
[Normal Monster] Ghost Potum[Material] Potum's Soul
[Material] Filthy Bandage
[Material] Purification Salt
[Material] Unknown Luminous Object
[Special] Potum Talisman
[Normal Monster] Phobos[Bowgun] Assault Barrel
[Material] Hideous Skin
[Material] Evil Spirit Fang
[Material] Evil Spirit Claw
[Material] Soul of the Evil Spirit
[Normal Crysta] Critical Rate+3