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Abyss of No Return: Area 3

[Mini Boss] Granny(Lv 88)
[Normal Monster] Gramp(Lv 79)
[Normal Monster] Shell Kraken(Lv 77)
[Normal Monster] Shell Mask(Lv 76)
[Normal Monster] Targa(Lv 78)
[Mini Boss] Granny[Material] Tree Spirit Soul
[Material] Ancient Big Tree
[Material] Magic Charged Branch
[Staff] Bloom of Peace
[Special Crysta] Granny
[Normal Monster] Gramp[Material] Tree Spirit Soul
[Material] Old Wood
[Material] Magic Charged Branch
[Staff] Crystal Wand
[Normal Monster] Shell Kraken[2 Handed Sword] Hammerfall
[Material] Sludgy Liquid
[Material] Sharp Tentacle
[Material] Ancient Shell
[Normal Monster] Shell Mask[Material] Hard Leaf
[Material] Twisted Vine
[Material] Growing Root
[Normal Crysta] INT+3
[Normal Monster] Targa[Material] Cracked Carapace
[Material] Ancient Moss
[Material] Tough Carapace
[Magic Device] Magic Brooch
[Katana] Shura Koshirae