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[Guild] Heavenly Angels

Post by Red_Fox » Sat May 22, 2021 1:52 pm

No matter what obstacles or hindrances you may encounter in life,
there is nothing to block your way to success.
To do our best is what we strife,
for we are Heavenly Angels.

"Spread your wings and fly!"
- Li Ting (Founder), 05.01.2016

"Coryns are cute."
- Cruithne (2nd GM)

"Because I'm fabulous."
- Red_Fox (3rd GM) ​

Not all those who wander are lost, but those who are lost will surely wander.
Welcome, Wanderer, to our sanctuary; by destiny or by chance, it does not matter.
Come hither, Friend, and see what awaits beyond.

The only requirement is to install the LINE app. Therein lies our holy domain.​

In-game achievements and status are of little importance.​

Attitude is what matters first and foremost.​

If you wish to join us, reply (or hit me with a PM) with your Line ID and we will invite you to our group chat. Everything else will be handled over there.​

In the mean time, you may lay thine eyes upon this parchment of our Sacred Code:

Code: Select all

[Heavenly Angels - Sacred Code v3.2]

<< Angels Law >>

§ 1: "Thou shalt speak and act respectful with one another."
Do not discriminate others on their oppinion, ability, achievements, status or other things. Keep personal arguments in private, do not vent out your anger in public chat. Potential evidence for harassment is to be send to the GM or Vices, do not post public accusations.

§ 2: "Thou shalt not cast thy woes upon others."
Do not lament about your mid-life crisis if it wasn't asked for. The game might be a safe haven or escape from reality to some people. Avoid bringing up uncomfortable real life problems in public chat.

§ 3: "Thou shalt abide to the End License User Agreement."
Do not commit illegal acts or other actions that violate the Terms of Use. Especially botting/hacking and RMT (Real Money Trade) will result in immediate permanent expulsion from the Guild. Doing these with alt accounts will be treated the same as if it was your main account. Dealing with hackers/botters knowingly can be subject to same penalty level.

<< Line Chat Regulations>>

I : "Doth not placate thy wordes on the black board."
Notes in the main group are used for event organisation and important announcements. Only authorized personnel may post new notes. The comment section on existing notes is free to use for all. You can freely post notes in the Wings Market group, but delete them after expiry.

II : "Loadeth up thine images to the gallery which hath been given to thee."
Upload your photos and screenshots to the provided albums. New albums will be added if necessary or requested.

III : "Keepeth thy handes away from oure flagge and fellowship."
Do not tamper with the group names and logos. Also do not add or remove group members without permission.

IV : "Doth not gossip on the market."
The Wings Market group is meant for trade and seeking information. Do not chat casually and refrain from excessive use of stickers. If a deal is to be made, bargain in private chat.

V : "Cleaneth thy market stalls, every thirde day at last."
To keep the board neat and tidy, delete your notes in Wings Market when they are no longer needed. Even if there are no responses, do not let your notes age more than 3 days. You can always post a new note instead. Photo albums are exempt from this rule.

<< Membership Regulations >>

"Once an Angel, always an Angel" These are the words of our founder, Li Ting, from the days of yore.
Unless a major rule violation occured, guild members will not be expelled.
Although you can be removed from the guild in-game if you are inactive for more than 30 days, but will be added again on your return. Even if you leave the guild on your own, you are allowed to stay in the group chat (and may rejoin the guild later, if free slots are available). 
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